Our 360° Difference

We understood that there are other physical assessments and psychometric tests on the market, but what we have found and are truly excited about is our superpower: to have X-ray vision into your applicants.

We can apply algorithms and AI learning to correlate the two of these for a 360 degree view of applicants.

We can extract the truth and develop correlations between what the applicants are reporting and demonstrating in the physical assessment versus reporting in the GFI. That’s where the magic happens.

As market leaders in this space,we carefully vet the companies we partner with to ensure they are innovative companies, looking not to just tick boxes but also to make a sustainable change to have a healthier and more focused workforce to increase productivity.

Our main driver when you pull the curtain on the physical and mental health assessments we do, is creating a safe work environment for people to thrive and enjoy then go home safely to their families. Being in the right environment drives us at FitWorker360.

Our purpose is to provide you with confidence when recruiting the right person for the job, which in turn creates a safe and productive workplace.

FitWorker360 specialises in the following:

  • Industry-leading injury detection rate
  • Physical and mental risk rankings
  • Recommendations on suitability

Pre-employment medical assessments

FitWorker360 provides pre, periodic, and post employment medicals – in particular the screening of musculoskeletal issues.

FitWorker360 provides a national platform, allowing employers to add candidates and then have us perform the pre-employment medicals returning results within 5 business days. This is powered by our world-class software platform, FitWorker Connect.

Mental health and well-being services

Mental health is more than just a nice cup of tea, a yoga mat, and an annual chat about how people are feeling. Mental health is a combination of both a person’s diagnosed mental illness and mental function level. Everyone has a varying degree of mental function, but not everyone has a mental illness. Mental function includes the everyday psychological skills of resilience, empathy, safety and non-aggression. Find out more about the Global Functional Inventory (G.F.I).

FitWorker Connect

FitWorker360 services are supported by our user-friendlyIT platform, FitWorker Connect. It is the booking platform that FitWorker360 clients use to upload candidates to complete their employment medical assessments.

It operates 24/7, allowing hiring managers to upload candidates to complete employment medicals at any time.


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