Pre-employment Assessments

FitWorker360 provides pre, re and post employment medicals, in particular the screening of musculoskeletal issues. Our leading employment medicals allow clients to hire candidates with the peace of mind that they have the best possible person for the job both physically and mentally.

FitWorker360’s risk-based model is the ideal pre-employment screening process to address the common preventable injuries and claims as identified by SafeWork Australia. A major strength of this model is that it detects not only functional capacity but also underlying pre-existing musculoskeletal pathology and risk, whilst meeting all legal requirements. The inclusion of our mental health psychometric assessment, the GFI, assists in identifying, managing, and mitigating the likelihood of a serious work-related mental health claim.


General Practitioners

Rehabilitation Providers


Expert knowledge of musculoskeletal system
Expert knowledge of industry job demands
Clear, resolved recommendations where the applicant is unfit
Proven record of reducing injury costs
Full disclosure of injury history obtained from applicants