Global Functional Inventory

s an employer, your bottom line depends on your employees’ mental function. Mental function is not mental illness. Mental function involves a person’s resilience, empathy, safety adherence, andnon-aggression. This applies to every person, whereas mental illness only applies to some people. Being productive while maintaining a safe environment requires sound mental function.

The Global Functional Inventory (GFI) is a psychometric assessment of mental function. It provides an objective analysis of your employees, allowing you to effect and measure change in your workforce

The GFI follows the psychological testing logic used by airlines, law enforcement, and special armed forces worldwide to select the right candidate. It reduces costs while increasing return on investment in recruitment, learning, and development.


Mental illness is a range of disorders with defined symptoms and causes. The GFI purposefully cannot diagnose mental illness nor discriminate against people with mental illness.

In a recent application of the GFI to 350 applicants, 93% of people declaring having a mental illness were deemed functionally safe for employment. This difference between functionality and illness protects the employer from discrimination allegations.

It provides an objective, scientifically sound filter to protect current staff and safely recruit new employees.

If you don’t test, you don’t know. If you don’t know, you are at risk.