The FitWorker360 Story

The FitWorker360 assessment model has been developed over the past 20 years and is now used by many of Australia’s largest companies. FitWorker360 has become the industry gold standard to ensure hiring the right person for the right role. FitWorker360 screening questionnaires and telehealth physical assessments have been used over 100,000 times.

Our reputation is built on our unique strengths in detecting pre-existing injuries before applicants are employed as well as a seamless recruitment process for all parties based on a technology platform that guarantees outcomes that are both more cost-effective than our competitors while carried out in a fraction of the time

Our purpose is to provide you with confidence in recruiting the right person for the job, which in turn creates a safe and productive workplace.

FitWorker360 specialises in the following:

  • Industry-leading injury detection rates, physical and mental risk rankings recommendations on suitability.

We have a 100% success in providing Health & Safety services that reduce lost-time injury rates and significantly reduce WC claims costs. Furthermore, FitWorker360 has consistently demonstrated improvement in employee retention rates up to 29%.

Comprehensive Assessments with Unique 360-degree Insights

The combination of our physical questionnaire and assessment and the Global Functional Inventory (GFI) psychometric assessment gives us a 360-degree view of your applicants. FitWorker360 partnered with a leading Australian Psychologist to develop a world-class psychometric tool that forensically measures mental function to the World Health Organisation’s standard. This industry-leading model gives us insights into the applicants physical, mental and behavioural risk profiles. 

This leads to…

  • A safer, more engaged and happier workplace
  • Decreased workplace injuries and lower premiums
  • Lower turnover, bullying, risky and other anti-social behaviours