FitWorker For Your Clinic

Features and Benefits Of FitWorker360 

  • Hire new staff and have them generate revenue immediately as they build up their caseload.
  • Generates passive income – generates 200-500% more per hour of billable time than conventional assessments.
  • Provides a service to local businesses you already have a relationship with.
  • Plug and play – a system of questionnaires and assessments that have been used over 100,000 times.
  • No need to go out and learn the logistics of Occ health or pre-employment assessments; instead, use a proven model.
  • Allow clinicians to work from home, freeing up room in your clinic for other services
  • Scale your relationships nationally and tap into our pool of accredited health professionals to provide assessments while you benefit financially from our network.
  • Done for you marketing materials. Just add your logo and clinic name and use our proposal documents, marketing materials, videos etc.
  • A scheduling platform and support team, meaning your admin team does not have to lift a finger. We integrate into most booking softwares, send all required notifications to the applicants, then handle all questions from applicants both pre and post.